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  • Entrance / reception areas
  • Communal meeting areas
  • Meeting / training rooms


1) Modern Design - the physical design of the fitting contributes to the ambience of the area in which it is installed. 

2) High Quality Components - means a low failure rate and therefore expensive mainentance charges are avoided, not to mention the time it can take to rectify such issues.

3) Excellent Light Distribution & Output ​- the design of the fitting means a halo light ring is reflected on to the ceiling. In addition the use of a prismatic diffuser ensure effective light distribution over any nearby walls and towards the ground. 

4) Reduced Running Wattage - energy savings reduce the cost of ownership of running such a fitting. This is important given the expected long life of LED lighting and it therefore helps to minimise the effects of likely future increases in utility bills.

5) Robust Construction - the range will withstand moderate physical abuse. In addition if any maintenance is required on a fitting from the Florence range it can be done so without having to remove the entire fitting from the ceiling. The gear tray which all components are mounted on can be quickly removed for maintenance and quickly re-clipped back into its body. 

​6) Emergency Versions - a number of integral emergency lighting options are available. The emergency batteries are contained within the fitting and therefore additional standalone emergency lighting is not required (depending upon the required lighting design).

Click here to download technical data sheet which includes all product part codes. Download is in pdf format.

The Florence range of fittings incorporates the same technology as the Monza range of fittings. However it is not typically used on mass in corridors and stairwells. Reception areas tend to be relatively small as do communal gathering areas. In the later example it is not always wise to have individual sensor controlled fittings. As such the switched varieties are far more common. Consequently energy savings although they do exist in these areas are not that significant, especially as such areas have a low amount of operational use to begin with. This range of fittings is more about creating a lighting statement and creating a modern warmly lit environment.  

The Florence range of fittings is modular in design allowing Lux Bright to specify the exact setup required for a particular site. Common setups are:-

1) Sensor controlled - dimmable to 10% of the light fittings output

2) Sensor controlled - non dimmable ie) the light fitting is either fully on or fully off

3) Switched - the fitting will either be fully on or fully off depending on whether it has been switched by either a plate switch, timer or photocell

The Lux Bright range of ceiling mounted Florence decorative halo effect fittings are specifically designed and manufactured for use within high specification reception areas and communal gathering areas. They are designed to give a wow effect. The metal body of this fitting can be finished in one of White, Brushed Satin Silver, Polished Chrome and Antique Brass. All internal components within the Florence fitting are mounted on a fully removable gear tray for if future maintenance or changes to the original setup are required. A prismatic diffuser, available in both clear and opal gives excellent light distribution in addition to been able to withstand moderate abuse levels and resistance to UV light. The Florence range tends to make equal use of sensor controlled dual LED technology and standard on and off switching  technology.