lux bright solutions

possible energy savings







5W50W Halogen90%
10W2x18W CFL72%
20W2x26W CFL61%

LED Driver







Not Required

Yes50W Halogen
10WDriver Built InYes2x18W CFL
20WDriver Built InYes

2x26W CFL /

1x32W CFL

led light output approximations compared to traditional light sources

areas of use

  • Reception Areas
  • Lounge & Event Areas
  • Meeting & Training Rooms
  • Corridors
  • Offices


Click here to download technical data sheet which includes all product part codes. Download is in pdf format

A number of different downlighting options exist within the Latina downlight range. This goes from standard domestic based LED fixed down lights to larger commercial varieties, which have a greater light output. There are 3 finishes of the die cast bezels on all down lights. The finishes include White, Brush Stainless Steel and Polished Brass. All LED down lights come complete with their required driver, please note the smaller 5W varieties do not require any separate driver. Unless otherwise specified the colour rendering of all the LED down lights is neural white (4000K). 

benefits of the latina range

1) High Quality Components - means a lower failure rate and therefore expensive maintenance charges are avoided, not to mention the time it can take to rectify such issues.

2) Reduced Running Wattage - energy savings reduce the cost of ownership of running such a fitting. This is important given the expected long life of LED lighting and it therefore helps to minimise the  effects of likely future increases in the cost of electricity.

3) Asthetic Appeal - larger down lights used in reception areas give a warmer background and can contribute more to a "wow" factor when people enter a building than more traditional amenity lighting. In addition the small spotlights can be used to create layered lighting effects, for example pointing out Flat numbers on doors.

4) Long Life - LED lighting has an expected useful life of 50,000 hours. Maintenance savings in the form of lamp replacements which would occur with conventional lighting technologies are significant and again this helps to reduce the cost of the ownership.

5) Dimmable Versions - On the larger LED down lights dimmable options are available, please contact Lux Bright for more details regarding this.

5) Emergency Versions  - a number of integral emergency lighting options are available. The emergency batteries are contained within the fitting and therefore additional standalone emergency lighting is not required (depending upon the required lighting design).


Latina - Downlight range