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Presentations can be arranged for the appropriate audiences to give informative and practical advice about Lux Bright fittings and lighting in general. At Lux Bright we strongly believe that it is important to choose the correct type and source of lighting for the application. In recent years lighting has evolved rapidly especially with regards LED lighting. However LED may not be the answer for all situations, for example why would you install an expensive LED fitting in a little used toilet, would a sensor controlled fluorescent fitting me more appropriate? It is the practicalities of lighting that Lux Bright likes to deal with.


We only manufacture light fittings for the environment they are intended to be used in. lighting design dimmable led lighting solutions in leeds led light fittings

design solutions

We offer bespoke lighting design solutions to your exact criteria. Typical client requirements involve working to a budget, a time frame, increasing the light levels, reducing the energy consumption, creating a better lighting environment, perhaps for security reasons or to improve upon the existing emergency lighting levels.


All of our lighting designs are financially appraised so you know that your investments in lighting are justified to all interested stakeholders. From an internal management point of view it also means you can keep track of your budgets.


Our comprehensive survey reports are carried out free of charge on site by our team of specialist lighting consultants. The reports contain almost everything you would require up to the point of sending a project out to tender. Even more important though it saves you the time and expense of having to carry out such reports enabling you to get on with other important tasks. Such reports typically contain: -

  • An outline of the project criteria
  • Product library relating to any proposed light fittings
  • The actual light design survey
  • Quotation for the light fittings
  • Financial analysis of the project
  • Conclusion

Please click here to download and see a sample report (pdf format)

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