lux bright solutions

  • Internal & External Areas As Required
  • To Points of Safety

areas of use

1) High Quality Components - means a low failure rate and therefore expensive mainentance charges are avoided, not to mention the time it can take to rectify such issues.

2) Reduced Maintenance Cost - typical maintained emergency lights using fluorescent technology will typically need their fluorescent lamp replacing every 12-18 months. If a Modena emergency directional light is used it will not need replacing for an estimated 50,000 hours, this is the equivalent to almost 5.5 years of continual operation. 

3) Cost Effective - sometimes budgets and necessity mean it is not possible to upgrade all the lighting in a building just to replace or add  additional emergency lights. Therefore by providing a cost effective emergency lighting solution safety is been given to the users of a building until such a time a full lighting refurbishment is possible. 

benefits of the salerno range

Click here to download technical data sheet which includes all product part codes. Download is in pdf format.


When mains power is lost emergency lighting is required to ensure the occupants of a building can if required safely and quickly navigate out of the building to a point of safety. There are 3 main steps to creating an effective emergency lighting scheme: -

Step 1 - Exit Signage - Signage must be placed to provide a clear and unambiguously marked route to the final exit.

Step 2 - Mandatory Points - Emergency fittings are required at certain mandatory points to provide essential light. These include but are not limited to: -

  1. Stairs

  2. Changes of direction

  3. Changes in the height / level of a floor

  4. Exit doors

  5. Intersection of corridors

  6. Fire fighting equipment and call points

  7. Outside first aid point(s) 

  8. Outside of final exit and to a point of safety

Step 3 - Infill Lighting In addition to the above points "infill" emergency lighting may be required to the achieve the correct emergency lighting levels, for example along a particular stretch of long internal corridor.



The Salerno range of Lux Bright 6W LED IP65 weather proof bulkheads are a cost effective solution to providing emergency lighting coverage for a wide variety of applications. The body is constructed of white fire retardant and UV resistant polycarbonate. The diffuser has the same properties as the body except it has a clear diffuser. A steel hinged gear tray allows for simple future maintenance should any be required. Each bulkhead comes complete with a self adhesive legend kit (Up, Down, Left and Right Arrows) for if the luminaire is to be used as a directional emergency light. The Salerno range can be set to work in either non maintained or maintained modes of operation. The integral battery pack has a minimum of 3 hours use. Finally a recessing kit is available for this range, to give a neater appearance once installed in internal areas.